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We are experts in commercial and industrial roofing and effortless installation and re-installation of roof lights.

CKF Builders has provided roof repairs, restoration, and replacement to Dublin’s commercial, industrial, and multi-family housing communities since 1982. CKF Builders provides well-made commercial roofing solutions, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and all work is of the highest quality possible. When it comes to commercial roofing, rely on a firm focusing on the sector since 1982.

We have a lot of expertise in diagnosing, repairing, and keeping your roofing system in good shape. If your roof damage is covered by insurance, the team will walk you through every stage, from gathering bids to aiding with the insurance claims process.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing

With a proven track record, CKF Builders is one of the best roofing companies in Dublin, Ireland. CKF Builders was founded on the principle that all people deserve the utmost quality services and customer support, especially during home construction. When a storm damages your valuable asset, we help ease all your struggles and worries of restoration. If you want to update the existing structure of the property or remodel it according to the new construction standards, we are here to excel your expectations. The reason behind your roofing needs; CKF Builders is the top choice for a satisfactory and smooth construction experience.

Our team has multi-dimensional experience coupled with the care to every possible detail and loyalty of the customers, which distinguishes CKF Builders from the other roofing companies present in the market. We have been dedicated to offering the highest quality experience to our customers since the beginning of the project. We believe without communication, trust, and knowledge, nothing is possible. We put 100% effort into every project because our work is to put an efficient and safe roof over our heads.

Roofing is a stressful experience, but our experienced roofers can complete the new or restoration project from start to finish with no or minimal possible obstructions. We have worked with major insurance companies and easily navigated customers in confusing claim documents. If you are looking for an experienced residential or commercial roofing company, call us at +123-559-990 anytime for support.


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